Day 2 of the 28-Day Qigong Challenge:

For Day 2, we are learning The Gathering Breath. This moving meditation is a mind-body-breath exercise.

For Day 2, we are learning The Gathering Breath.

This moving meditation is a mind-body-breath exercise.

The Gathering Breath is a way of breathing, while synchronizing our body movement with the breath, with some visualization using a relaxed and focused mind.

The mind part: visualize scooping up and gathering energy from the earth, life around you, and the sky above you as your arms move through those zones.

The body part: this is a simple movement. Fingertips point down, palms to the front. Scoop up as if you are gathering something from the earth, the surrounding air, and the sky overhead. As your hands come down, soak yourself with what you have gathered.

The breath part: Breathe in as your hands move up. Exhale as your hands move down. Each time, try to breathe in just a little deeper and to exhale just a little longer.

Relax and enjoy this simple and easy mind-body-breath meditation in motion.

Without concerning yourself much about it, try to practice for about five minutes or 30 breath rounds.

David O’Hare, has been researching the influence of breathing on heart coherence. His research has discovered that breathing with a six-count breath for five minutes brings the heart into coherence with the breath. The body shifts into the relaxation response. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is reduced. The benefits last for hours.

He developed an exercise he calls 365 Breathing, named for these guidelines: do this exercise 3 times a day to renew the benefits as they wear off: breathe using a 6-count breath for five minutes.

Get it? 3–6–5 Breathing.

We can do the same thing with Qigong. Just do 30 Gathering Breaths, three times a day or whenever you’re stressed.

Talk to you tomorrow,

David Burch

P.S. David O’Hare also discovered one good reason to have a daily habit. He found that when you have a daily practice, the effects accumulate, and continue for up to two weeks even after stopping the practice.

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